Cognaisent awarded grant of $24k by Maine Technology Institute

MTI, a Maine State business and innovation incubator, awarded Cognaisent, Inc. a grant of $24k for 2019. Cognaisent will use this grant as well as matching funds raised previously to produce an automated molecular analysis tool based on its groundbreaking GoFish machine learning engine for use in pharmaceutical drug discovery.

GoFish, developed by co-founder Jonathan Fisher, uses different mathematical principles from other AI’s. GoFish’s approach to machine learning provides unprecedented clarity and precision while much less training data than existing products.

“At its core, our go-to-market Pharma R&D application is an engine for modeling complex 2D and 3D geometry. This tech is easily translated to many other image-based applications such as robotics, autonomous vehicle navigation, and facial recognition,” said co-founder Carla Emmons. “We’re excited to get the prototype process under way. GoFish offers scientists an incredibly powerful and transparent AI tool to accelerate parts of the research process that are currently painfully manual and repetitive.”

Cognaisent will be engaging sales, marketing and technical people in Maine and remotely as part of their virtual team.

“With the AI field so cluttered with incrementally different spins on the same basic technology, machine learning is due for a revolution. GoFish will lead the revolution,” said CFO Hugh O’Reilly.

About Cognaisent
Cognaisent, Inc., founded in 2018, is the creator of GoFish, a fundamentally new approach to machine learning that provides unprecedented clarity and precision and does so using much less data than existing products. Cognaisent is co-located in the Greater Portland and Greater Boston areas.

About MTI
MTI, or Maine Technology Institute, founded and funded in 1999 by the Maine State Legislature, offers grants, loans, equity investments, and services to support Maine’s innovation economy.

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